FM Virtual | The Inaugural Exhibition: Ball, Hafif, Jungwirth, Motonaga

March 18, 2020

Fergus McCaffrey gallery operates globally with artists and clients from all over the world. The gallery is celebrated for its groundbreaking exhibition programme, excellence in exhibition design and scholarship in art history. Our gallery’s three locations in New York, Tokyo, and St. Barth are located in places of great creative inspiration and share architectural designs that enhance the encounter with art.

The gallery’s DNA is to foster and enhance the profound and powerful experience of the actual physical engagement with great art in the flesh. All of the gallery’s exhibitions, art fair presentations, publications, films, and other activities are aligned with that one goal in mind. We constantly look for new ways of sharing visual ideas and experiences with our community including virtual platforms.

About FM Virtual:

Presenting a new benchmark in online gallery experiences, FM Virtualbrings us closer to achieving the same quality of physical encounter that we insist upon in the physical world to our digital platforms 24 hours a day.

FM Virtual is inspired by a desire to dream bigger and explore exhibition possibilities beyond the physical constraints of the traditional art world, globally and in a carbon-neutral way. It is not a replacement of our traditional brick and mortar galleries but rather an extension of our activities that will allow for unprecedented exhibitions, collaborations, and community. FM Virtual compliments our book publications, artist films, and other physical and online activities.

About The Inaugural Exhibition:

We have chosen three painters and one sculptor from our exhibition programme: Marcia Hafif, Martha Jungwirth, Sadamasa Motonaga, and Barry X Ball to introduce our new gallery space and demonstrate the quality of the viewing experience. Navigation through the galleries is easy and instinctual using one’s fingers on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, or mouse on a desktop. Individual artworks can be clicked on to reveal the artwork details, film footage or further images. Pricing is transparent throughout the exhibition and contact with FM Virtual’s staff is available at the click of an icon.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint while better reaching our Global audience:

As the toll of mankind’s activities on the natural environment makes itself more apparent with every passing day, we have to think smarter about how the art world can do its part to assist in slowing down and hopefully reversing global warming. FM Virtual will allow us to exhibit and share work with our audiences in a targeted and more environmentally friendly way, thereby reducing our carbon footprint through less artwork shipping.

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