Screening—Francesca Gabbiani, Sea of Fire, 2021

February 3, 2022

Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo
ファーガス・マカフリー 東京
March 3–12, 2022

Please join us for a special screening of Francesca Gabbiani’s 2021 film, Sea of Fire (7:30 min, sound, color) at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo. The screening will now be available in Tokyo through Saturday, March 12, alongside our current exhibition, Seven/Seven: The Fraught Landscape.

Francesca Gabbiani, Sea of Fire, 2021
Single channel digital video
Sound, color, 7:30 min.
Soundtrack by Eddie Ruscha
© the Artist

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*Please note: this is an in-person screening only. The film will not be available online.

フランチェスカ・ガビアンニ(Francesca Gabbiani)
Sea of Fire 2021年
サウンド付き、カラー / 7分30秒
サウンドトラック:エディ・ルシャ(Eddie Ruscha)
© the Artist