7 Must-See Gallery Shows in New York: Ruby Sky Stiler, Sadamasa Motonaga, and More

December 17, 2015

Sadamasa Motonaga at Fergus McCaffrey, through January 30, 2016 (514 West 26th Street)

A member of the Gutai group — and the subject of a two-person retrospective at the Dallas Museum of Art earlier this year, alongside Kazuo Shiraga — Motonaga also made a large body of work utilizing airbrush techniques. These are the focus of this survey, which should be required viewing for a younger generation of artists — Josh Reames and Austin Lee come to mind — who will likely connect with the 93-year-old Japanese artist’s quirky vision. Included in the show are 16 paintings from a 1970s children’s book, “Moko Moko Moko,” as well as larger canvases that depict alien landscapes and fleshy shapes, busily contorting upon themselves.