Tatsuo Ikeda

  • St. Barth
  • December 26 - February 14, 2015
  • Photograph 1 from Tatsuo Ikeda exhibition.
  • Photograph 2 from Tatsuo Ikeda exhibition.
  • Photograph 3 from Tatsuo Ikeda exhibition.

Fergus McCaffrey, St. Barth, is pleased to present an exhibition of works on paper created between 1958 and 2008 by the Japanese artist Tatsuo Ikeda. This is the artist’s first exhibition at Fergus McCaffrey.

Ikeda was born in Imari, Saga, in 1928. During World War II, he was trained as a kamikaze pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service, but by good fortune was never deployed. However, his wartime experience of seeing his fellow pilots being dispatched to their deaths in the name of their divine Emperor scarred Ikeda deeply and drove him to become an antiauthoritarian artist after the war ended in 1945.