• New York
  • July 6 - August 11, 2017
  • Photograph 1 from REMAINS exhibition.
  • Photograph 2 from REMAINS exhibition.
  • Photograph 3 from REMAINS exhibition.
  • Photograph 4 from REMAINS exhibition.
  • Photograph 5 from REMAINS exhibition.

This summer, Fergus McCaffrey will present six weeks of performance art programming by internationally acclaimed and emerging artists working with their bodies and materials to create new site-specific work within the context of the gallery. The scope of the show will include live performance, sound, installation, and supporting works in multimedia by Máiréad Delaney, Hee Ran Lee, Daniel Neumann, Clifford Owens, Nigel Rolfe, and Liping Ting. REMAINS will run at Fergus McCaffrey gallery from July 6 to August 11, with more than twenty-five live performances occurring throughout the course of the show.

REMAINS brings together a diverse group of performance-based artists who use their bodies as a tool and a way of effecting change both materially and conceptually. Throughout the course of the show, the gallery will become an evolving site of experimentation by the artists, a laboratory of exploration through embodied actions. The performance artists in REMAINS will transform the Fergus McCaffrey space by working site-specifically to evolve, shift, and change both materials and the environment.

Selected Works

  • Nigel Rolfe, Dust in Face, 2008. Performance view from Dust in Face in Dublin, Ireland, 1980
    Giclée print on archival paper, 19 5/8 x 19 5/8 inches (50 x 50 cm)
    © The Artist
  • Hee Ran Lee, 50 Bulbs, Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, performance still, 2016
    © The Artist
  • Clifford Owens, Photographs With an Audience (Miami) Topsy/Turvy, 2011
    Digital C-Print, Edition of 5, 30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm)
    © The Artist

  • Máiréad Delaney, Hold Harmless I, National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, performance still, 2015
    © The Artist; Photo: Joseph Carr
  • Daniel Neumann in One Cycle Ahead at the Fridman Gallery, New York, 2015
    © The Artist; Photo: Juan Betancurth
  • Liping Ting, Source-Spring series VIII, GUYU ACTION International Performance Art Festival, Xian, performance still, 2014
    © The Artist