Photograph of Barry X Ball


Barry X Ball is a contemporary sculptor based in New York. His work has been widely exhibited internationally over the last 30 years and is represented in many public and private collections. A retrospective exhibition of his work was recently shown at the Villa Panza in Varese, Italy. Ball’s monumental Pietà and Pseudogroup of Giuseppe Panza were being featured concurrently at the Castello Sforzesco Museum of Ancient Art in Milano. Among his upcoming museum exhibitions are solo shows at the Contemporary Austin (Austin) and Ca’ Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art (Venice).

Ball’s sculptures, although paying reverent homage to their historical antecedents, are completely new. Through the use of unconventional materials and innovative methods, the artist has reinvigorated the age-old tradition of figurative sculpture. Ball employs an elaborate array of equipment and procedures to realize his works, ranging from the cutting edge to the traditional, from 3D digital scanning, virtual modeling, rapid prototyping, and computer-controlled milling, to exquisitely-detailed hand carving and polishing. With their simultaneous fever-pitch intensity and surreal stillness, Barry X Ball’s bravura works make an expansive case for the reconsideration of contemporary sculptural practice.

The new Barry X Ball Studio in Brooklyn is the world’s most advanced stone sculpture facility. The 20,000 square foot complex, designed by Andrew Berman Architect, includes a gallery, digital lab, woodshop, large fabrication hall, a variety of dedicated workspaces, offices, an armamentarium of high-tech equipment, and many amenities for the artist’s team of skilled assistants.

Selected Artworks

  • Envy - 2008-2016 - Barry X Ball
    Perfect Forms - 2010-2014 - Barry X Ball
    Doorwoman - 2013-2019 - Barry X Ball
    Sick Child - 2013-2019 - Barry X Ball

Other Exhibitions