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  • Screening | <i>Milford Graves Full Mantis</i> | December 14

    NewsScreening | Milford Graves Full Mantis | December 14

    Fergus McCaffrey New York
    NEW DATE: Saturday, December 14, 5PM

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  • New York Galleries: What to See Right Now

    PressNew York Galleries: What to See Right Now

    The New York Times

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  • Fergus McCaffrey | Richard Nonas: all; at once

    VideoFergus McCaffrey | Richard Nonas: all; at once

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  • Fergus McCaffrey | Ari Marcopoulos: “The Park”

    VideoFergus McCaffrey | Ari Marcopoulos: “The Park”

    In conjunction with Ari Marcopoulos’ inaugural exhibitions at Fergus McCaffrey’s Tokyo and New York locations, Fergus McCaffrey has partnered with Documentary Japan to produce a short film on Marcopoulos and his collaboration with jazz musician Jason Moran.

    The exhibitions highlight the 58-minute film, “The Park”, in which Marcopoulos offers a poetic and absorptive look at the spontaneous interactions on a basketball court in Brooklyn, New York—a fundamental place of public social life in the neighborhood. Originally presented as a silent film, “The Park”, is accompanied by a recently recorded improvised soundtrack by Moran.

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