Tatsuo Ikeda

  • New York
  • September 7 - October 14, 2017

Fergus McCaffrey, New York, is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Tatsuo Ikeda in the United States. Featuring over 50 drawings, paintings, and sculptures, the exhibition opens on September 7th and continues until October 14th.

Tatsuo Ikeda was born in Saga Prefecture, Japan, in 1928. At the age of fifteen, in 1943, he was conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service; in the last weeks of World War II, he was selected as a kamikaze pilot, but he was not sent out on a suicide flight before the war ended. After being dismissed as a student teacher for his political views and status as a former kamikaze pilot, he moved to Tokyo to enter Tama Art and Design School in 1948. There he gradually became involved in Taro Okamoto and Kiyoteru Hanada’s Avant-garde Art Study Group.

Selected Works