Jiro Takamatsu

August 29, 2017

What Objects Can Do: on Jiro Takamatsu

William Corwin for Bomb Magazine

Takamatsu’s approach to sculpture can be summed up by paraphrasing John Lennon: sculpture is what happens when you’re busy looking at other things. This survey of the artist’s sculptural works made between 1961 and 1977 presents an obsession with the things that objects can do, rather than the objects themselves. Read More
July 7, 2017

The 10 best things to do this week: Lovebox and Painting Pop

The Guardian

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture An artist who was as interested in shadows and perspectives as he was sculpture, Jiro Takamatsu’s first institutional solo exhibition outside Japan also features work centred on his obsession with everyday objects – including a fascination with string – and the meanings we assign to them. Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 13 July to 22 October Read More
March 1, 2017

Art Institute exhibit ‘Provoke’ makes past protest feel present

Chicago Tribune by Lori Waxman

"Provoke: Photography in Japan between Protest and Performance," a groundbreaking exhibition of 1960s- and '70s-era Japanese photography, opened at the Art Institute of Chicago a week after Inauguration Day. The timing couldn't be more opportune. Read More
March 1, 2017

Review: Jiro Takamatsu at Fergus McCaffrey

Art in America by Ryan Holmberg

Jiro Takamatsu (1936-1998) was about a seminal as seminal gets in postwar Japanese art. He was one-third of the Tokyo-based Happenings group Hi Red Center, a progenitor of Japanese conceptual art, and a significant influence on Mono-ha artists. As a maker of paintings, sculptures, experimental writing and xerographic pieces, and conceptual photographs, Takamatsu embodied the catholic cross-mediality of the 1960s and '70s like few others. And as his mini-retrospective at Fergus McCaffrey suggested, he was also something of a prop and set designer for intellectualised play and theatricality in the white cube... Download
January 2, 2017

Jiro Takamatsu at Fergus McCaffrey, New York


The exhibition presents influential Japanese artist Jiro Takamatsu in his third solo with the gallery. As a co-founder of the legendary collective Hi Red Center in 1963 and the central inspiration for Mono-Ha, Jiro Takamatsu brought significant changes in the evolution of visual art in Japan as an artist, theorist and teacher, challenging the prevailing orthodox methods of painting free of representation and sculptures that emphasized truth to materials and the anti-illusional during the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition features his paintings, sculptures, photographs, text works, and drawings dating from 1966 through 1978. Read More
November 4, 2016

Opening Reception of Jiro Takamatsu: From Shadow to Compound

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Jiro Takamatsu: From Shadow to Compound opening at Fergus McCaffrey, New York! On view through January 7. Find more images on our Facebook page.

Event Images

September 30, 2016

Jiro Takamatsu: From Shadow to Compound, Press Release, 2016

September 21, 2016

Conceptual Art: The 25 Most Collectible Artists

Blouin Art + Auction

Jiro Takamatsu, 1936-1998, Japan
"Takamatsu is almost anti the Western Minimalist ideal of truth to materials," says McCaffrey. "He's saying,'Look at the games I can play with this or look at the way I can attack the pillars of Minimalism and Postminimalism and create something new.'"
September 19, 2016

Japanese contemporary art: The hot list


Highly intellectual and analytical, Takamatsu’s work is nevertheless playful, merging the refined visual language of Minimalism with the subversive elements of Surrealism and Dada. A self-proclaimed ‘anti-artist’, he also taught at Tokyo’s Tama Art University (1968-72). Read More
July 12, 2016

Avant-Garde Japan Comes to Rio de Janeiro’s Paço Imperial

Artinfo by Darryl Wee

An ambitious new retrospective of the Japanese postwar avant-garde opens at the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro on July 14.

Jointly organized by the Japan Foundation and the Paço Imperial, “The Emergence of the Contemporary: Avant-Garde Art in Japan, 1950-1970” is curated by Pedro Erber — a specialist in Brazilian literature, intellectual history, and visual culture at Cornell University — together with Katsuo Suzuki, curator at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

The exhibition is divided into four sections. “The Politics of Abstraction” explores the political implications of abstract expressionist painting in Japan, as practiced by artists from the Gutai movement and Jikken Kobo (“Experimental Workshop”), including Kazuo Shiraga, Yasuo Sumi, Atsuko Tanaka, and Saburo Murakami.
Read More
July 28, 2015

Natsuyuki Nakanishi / Jiro Takamatsu

Fergus McCaffrey, St. Barth is proud to present an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by two of the most influential Japanese artist. Natsuyuki Nakanishi / Jiro Takamatsu will be on view from August 6 - September 15, with an opening reception from 6:00 – 8:00 PM on Thursday, August 6.
December 1, 2010

Review: Jiro Takamatsu