Carol Rama

June 10, 2018

Press Release: Kudo/Rama

June 10, 2018

Press Release (Japanese): Kudo/Rama

October 17, 2017

Checklist: FIAC

June 19, 2017

Why Old Women Have Replaced Young Men as the Art World’s Darlings

Artsy Editorial by Anna Louie Sussman

Seeing the retrospective in Paris convinced McCaffrey, the longtime collector and gallerist, that he needed to bring her (Carol Rama) work to the U.S. market. He mounted a show of nearly 50 works from between 1938 and 1945 in September 2016. “Unless you have recognition in the U.S., you don’t really have a market,” he says. “We showed Ramas this time last year in Basel and Americans had no awareness.” This year, his booth at Art Basel in Basel placed Rama alongside the Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga, as both artists’ work addressed life under totalitarianism by seeking to liberate the body and its functions. Read More
June 16, 2017

‘Basquiat Factor’ and a Glut of Options Stoke Sales at Art Basel

The New York Times by Scott Reyburn

The New York dealer Fergus McCaffrey, who specializes in Japanese contemporary art, sold a much larger, 10-foot-wide Shiraga abstract in red, from 1997, for $5 million. It was among 12 works sold on the first two days. “They were all sold to non-Americans,” said Mr. McCaffrey, who noted a surge of purchases from Japanese collectors after Yusaku Maezawa bought the Basquiat for $110.5 million. Read More
June 12, 2017

Carol Rama: a red-hot market for an artist who swapped her paintings for groceries

Judith Benhamou-Huet Reports

...I became a keen collector before organising an exhibition containing 50 of her works last September,’ explains McCaffrey. ‘The reaction from the museum world was extraordinary. A combination of factors has seen her prices rise spectacularly. Nevertheless they remain ridiculously low compared to other male Italian artists from the same period, like Piero Manzoni,’ adds the New York dealer who is presenting some of her works at the Basel fair, priced at between $80,000 and $1 million. Read More
May 22, 2017

Press Release: Fergus McCaffrey at Art Basel 2017; Carol Rama / Kazuo Shiraga

May 11, 2017

The Psychosexual World of Carol Rama Still Shocks

The New York Times by Jason Farago

“If I really am so good,” said the fearless and licentious Italian artist Carol Rama in 1983, “then I don’t get why I had to starve so long, even if I am a woman.” Her first show, in 1945, was shuttered by the Turin police before it even opened, and for decades after, her erotic watercolors and rubber-slicked abstractions were appreciated by only a few. Some great artists wait their whole lives for recognition. Some female artists have to wait even longer. Read More
April 28, 2017

“Today’s Feminist Horror Owes A Lot To This Overlooked 20th-Century Artist”

The Huffington Post by Priscilla Frank

Carol Rama was obsessed with sex, death and mad cow disease. Read More
April 18, 2017


New Museum

Upcoming: April 26 - October 10, 2017 - “Carol Rama: Antibodies” is the first New York museum survey of the work of Italian artist Carol Rama (b. 1918, Turin, Italy–d. 2015, Turin, Italy) and the largest presentation of her work in the US to date. Read More
February 23, 2017

A Major Show Dedicated to Carol Rama Will Open During Venice Biennale

artnet by Perwana Nazif

The Archivio Carol Rama announced its first Venice exhibition in a decade celebrating the late artist Carol Rama in conjunction with the 57th Venice Biennale. Read More
November 6, 2016

Review: Carol Rama at
Fergus McCaffrey

Artforum by Johanna Fateman

... Her frank sexual content, Surrealism-inflected figuration, and evocative abstraction elicit parallels to Louise Bourgeois; her raw depictions of agony, aggression, and embattled femininity can be compared to Frida Kahlo's. But the stunning, funny painting that attracted me initially at her recent gallery show at Fergus MCaffrey was most reminiscent of AbExer Franz Kline... Read More
August 10, 2016

Carol Rama, Press Release, 2016